The memory of abandoning Penelope

For my AP title this year, I choose to read the book The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards. Although I haven't finished it yet, I'm enjoying reading this book a lot. I chose to read this book because I love mystery novels and because my friends are reading this book so we can discuss it together for better understanding. So far this year I'm doing better then I expected with my reading goals. I challenged my self to read at least 3 different genera's which after finishing this book I will have accomplished. Secondly I have met my reading goal for completing 90 pages a week this entire set of 9 weeks, although this was tough for me, the 20 minutes we get in class helps me out a lot. In my current book, The Memory Keepers Daughter, a pregnant couple is rushed to the hospital just before giving birth. Unexpectedly they end up birthing twins and one child is born with down syndrome. In a rush decision, the husband instructs for the kid to be taken away before his wife comes conscious. One quote that stuck out to me was "A moment might be a thousand different things." (page 215) because in this book ,the husband made a in the moment decision that changed his life. Not only does he have to live his life filled with one major lie, but now the child has to grow up never knowing the truth about her parents. Overall I think this quote summarizes the book up and relates to my life. I have personally lived out this quote by making split decisions that could lead to a thousand different things. I'm very glad I choose this AP title because it is very interesting and I cant wait to find out what happens in the end.


  1. Was this book difficult with your Dyslexia?


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